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Feature Articles

  • Louise Langdon Norton Little, Mother of Malcolm X / MERLE COLLINS
  • Erna Brodber's Rhetoric of Communal Responsibility in The Continent of Black Consciousness / RAE ANN MERIWETHER
  • Reading Diaspora through Fractal Theory in Erna Brodber's Nothing's Mat / A. MARIE SAIRSINGH
  • Literature and Activism, Literature as Activism: Case Studies from Caribbean Women's Writing in French - Marie Chauvet, Edwidge Danticat, Yanick Lahens, Gisele Pineau / BETTY WILSON

  • ARTIST'S VOICE: Kelly Sinnapah Mary . POEMS : Emily Zobel Marshall


  • "Writing the Version I Carry in Me": A Review of Two Books on Edwidge Danticat / KEILAH MILLS
  • Citing Ourselves: On John Robert Lee's Saint Lucian W'riters and Writing / VLADIMIR LUCIEN


  • Theorizing Glissant: Sites and Citations • Moments of Cooperation and Incorporation •]ah Kingdom· Civil Rights in America and the Caribbean, I950S-20IOS • Una Marson •
  • Surviving Slavery in the British Caribbean • Mexico and the Caribbean under Castro's Eyes