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ISBN: 9789766372392
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ISBN: 9789766372392
Author: Clarke, austin
Publisher: Lexsys limited

Struggling to make a new life for herself, Barbadian Bernice Leach joins the Canadian Domestic Scheme and takes a job as a live-in maid for the Burrmanns, a wealthy Jewish-Canadian family living in Toronto. As Bernice settles herself into a comfortable life of work, church and a conspiratorial friendship with Dots, another Barbadian domestic working on Marina Boulevard, this equilibrium is disrupted when Estelle, Bernice's sister comes to Canada for a visit. She is at first welcome, until her plans to remain and gain immigrant status threaten Bernice's way of life. The resulting tale is an enlightening window into the trials and tribulations of immigrant life and the life of post colonial servitude in the 1950s.