The University of the West Indies Bookshop (The UWI Bookshop), Mona Campus offers shipping options for the delivery of our goods from Jamaica, including express shipping for some countries. 


General Information


  •  Notification of your order status will be sent by email or telephone, after it is processed and payment confirmed.


  • The estimated delivery time, date of shipment of goods and the relevant tracking numbers (where applicable) will be listed in the above correspondence.  


  • Processing time is normally 2 business days, unless the customer is otherwise informed.


  • The UWI Bookshop reserves the right to contact the number provided to verify your information.


Shipping Rates


  •  The UWI Bookshop does not utilize a flat shipping rate; Shipping Rates vary and depend on location, weight of package and class of shipping selected.


  •  Orders are shipped using our preferred courier unless otherwise specified by the customer.    


  •  If you already have an account that you wish to use, contact us and arrangements will be made to dispatch the goods using your shipping account.  


  •  Shipping time might vary according to unforeseen delays by the courier.


  •  See your checkout cart for the calculated shipping rates. 


Shipping Times


Courier Service: 5 – 10 Business Days

For the USA, goods are shipped using a preferred courier service provider which should facilitate arrival within 5 – 10 business days, excluding processing and handling time.  For the rest of the world, shipping time will be lengthier and will depend on The UWI Bookshop’s courier’s ability to ship to your destination. 


First Class Mail: 14 – 28 Business Days

For first class mail, shipping is done via Jamaica Post Express.  Goods should arrive within 14 to 28 business days.  In addition to processing and handling time, additional transit time might be added by the carrier.  


Sea Freight:  30 – 60 Business Days

Orders shipped via sea will arrive within 30 – 60 business days, plus the additional transit time that might be incurred by the carrier.  This period includes processing and handling time, unless otherwise stated by e-mail.  Delivery time may be less than stated.  Shipping by sea occurs once per week from Jamaica.  Orders should then be received by Friday to be shipped the following Wednesday.  This means an additional five (5) business days delivery time on some orders.


Local orders will be dispatched 24 hours after receipt of payment.


Delivery Guidelines (International)


hGuidelines regarding expected dates of delivery are provided by our couriers, therefore the above shipping times are best estimates.  


  •  Transit times are exclusively determined by the couriers, not The UWI Bookshop and may vary by a few days.


  •  A package is considered delivered after one (1) calendar month, unless the customer informs The UWI Bookshop otherwise.  


  •  Customers must ensure that the correct address is entered for delivery as The UWI Bookshop cannot be held responsible for errors caused by an incorrect delivery address.


  •  A notification will be left if there was no one to receive your package. Kindly contact the carrier regarding re-delivery. 


  •  Following the first attempt at delivery, if a package remains uncollected at the Post Office for one (1) calendar month, the package will be returned to The UWI Bookshop which will be liable for return postage. 


  •  Goods will only be reshipped if the return postage and re shipping costs are paid by the customer. 


Delivery Guidelines (Local)


  • Deliveries range from JA$300.00 (in Kingston) – JA$700.00 (outside of Kingston).


  •  Saturday deliveries are double the above costs.


hCosts apply to shipments weighing up to 4.5 kilos and each additional kilo (over 4.5 kilos) is JA$70.00


  •  Prices quoted are subject to change without prior notice. 


Reshipment Guidelines


  • Only after the expected delivery date has passed will The UWI Bookshop consider reshipping the product and reserves the right to make a full refund. 


  • If unclaimed items are returned to sender, the buyer will be responsible for the full cost of reshipping.


  •  If The UWI Bookshop resends your product and is later informed that you have received the original shipment, either of the following options may be pursued:


  • i. The customer may reject the delivery of the second package which will then be returned to the sender.


  • ii. The UWI Bookshop will pursue legal means to recover the outstanding monies for the shipment, if the customer accepts the first shipment and did not inform The UWI Bookshop that the original package was delivered. 

Duties (if applicable)


Most products may not attract local duties.  However, where duties – local/international – are applicable, customers are liable for such costs as may be imposed on the product(s).