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Model: NV0100
Authors: RUTGER, M.
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Nolan Moore and his team of explorers arrive in the remote town of Birchlake, California to investigate its mysterious stone walls, built by an unknown hand. Their arrival is met with suspicion by the townspeople. And when Nolan learns that a teenage girl has recently disappeared without a trace, it becomes clear there is a link between the missing girl and the secret of the stone walls. But as Nolan and his team are drawn into the search, a thick fog descends on the town. Soon events take a dark turn, and the line between reality and imagination begins to blur, leaving Nolan and his team questioning their own sanity - and fighting for their lives. The Possession is a brilliantly unsettling, chilling thriller about a small town with a terrifying secret - with all of the horror of Stephen King and the vision of Michael Crichton.