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THE FIRST-EVER DANCEHALL BIOGRAPHY TELLS THE TRUE STORY BEHIND THE RUMORS, THE RIVALRIES, THE HIGHS & LOWS, THE HITS... AND THE WOMEN... Bob Marley is the king of reggae, and the undisputed king of dancehall is Beenie Man. As a pure phenomenon, Beenie Man is the genre s most prolific all-time hit-maker and a Grammy-winning superstar adored around the world. Starting out as a street urchin, he had to overcome the odds of a grim world in which murder was a way of life, and where crime seemed the only escape. From Kingston s merciless slums, he rose from child wunderkind on sheer guts, charisma and lyrical genius, becoming reggae s first ever Hollywood-style tabloid star. But why is he so special to his fans? Why is he the only one with such hitmaking staying power? And why is there such fierce interest in his life of romantic twists and turns? Who Am I? answers the questions, with the uniqueness and color of dancehall as a backdrop. It is the true story of the reigning and future king, an unfinished life uncompromisingly lit by a pop-culture spotlight.