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ISBN: 9789769572041
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Young and successful Jos cannot believe her luck when she meets and soon after marries the man of her dreams. Everything, including their sex life, is great for Jos and her new husband, Michael, who takes her on many vacations to exotic locations across the world. The only thing missing for the happy pair is a baby. Having exhausted all options of becoming pregnant, the two become somewhat distant.Things go from bad to worse in an instant when Jos upon returning home sooner than she had planned from a trip of a lifetime, finds her husband in a compromising position with one of his long time friends. Jos' wrath and disappointment push her completely away from Michael and into reckless sexual escapades that threaten to destroy everything she has worked hard for. Right when Jos' life is yet again threatened by an unsuspecting stroke of bad luck that will take her life from worse to worst, she receives the best news of her life. Her focus shifts, and she is not sure what to do with her husband no longer in the picture. A story of a woman who must confront her reality and make better choices, "Sex, Lies, and Dirty, Laundry" introduces its readers to unbridled sex that will make the reader blush while keeping you on the edge of your seat. In the end, what will Jos do? Will she have the happy ending that life promised her in the beginning? Will life be kinder to her in the end?