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Briana and Kim are best friends in their early twenties struggling to navigate their daily lives. Amidst their desire for carnal pleasures and their drive to achieve professional success lie many temptations designed to veer them off track. The two friends, who have both made major mistakes in their personal lives, find themselves wanting more than what they have. With many heartbreaks under her belt and a relatively successful career, Briana happens upon love in an unexpected place and from the most unlikely man. Finally, she is settled and happy, and everything could not go any better for her. Kim on the other hand, gives up true love and long term peace of mind for the financial riches she has always yearned - only she will have to sell her soul to the devil to maintain it. In the end, the only thing they have left in common is their love and devotion to each other, but the two friends end up on opposite ends of the happiness spectrum.