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This is a practical, commonsense, up-to-date guide to the everyday concerns of parents facing the first year of their baby's life. Dr Christopher Green's style of lighthearted yet authoritative advice aims to reassure parents to trust their own instincts and to do what feels right and works for them. This book begins at birth and talks about the normal worries parents have adapting to the new human being in their midst. There follow many chapters on such practical day to day concerns such as feeding, crying, sleeping and bonding. Some heavy but important topics are included, such as postnatal depression, cot death, the handicapped child and what to do when close to child abuse. It also includes the more humorous, light hearted moments of family life, for this book is not just about babies, it's also about families and relationships. It is for mothers, fathers, grandparents and anyone who is interested in children. Dr Christopher Green is also the best-selling author of "Toddler Taming". He was born in Belfast and is now a consultant paediatrician and head of the Child Development Unit at the Royal Alexandra Hospital for Children in Sydney.