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Human beings have always been myth makers. . . So begins Karen Armstrong's concise yet compelling investigation into myth: how it has evolved and why it is so essential to our ability to live well. She takes us from the Paleolithic period and the earliest mythologies of the hunters up to the "Great Western Transformation" of the last 500 years, including the recent discrediting of myth by science. The history of myth is the history of humanity. Our stories and beliefs, our curiosity, and attempts to understand the world link us not only to our ancestors but to each other. Today, more than ever, myths help us make sense of the universe and of ourselves, our longings and our weaknesses. Heralding a major series of retellings of the ancient myths by authors from around the world, Armstrong's characteristically insightful book is an eloquent introduction to any understanding of myth -- and why, if we dismiss it in the modern age, we do so at our peril.