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Authors: DIAMOND, H. , DIAMOND, M.
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The natural body cycle, permanent weight-loss plan that proves it's not what you eat, but when and how! FIT FOR LIFE crushes orthodox medical dogma about the basic four food groups and debunks myths about the important of milk and protein in the diet. It is a simple, natural eating program that shows you how to exploit your body's instincts for food, and teaches you how to eat in accordance with your natural digestive cycles. What you will learn from this book: , * There is only one kind of food you should eat in the morning , * Discover the best source of calcium on the planet. And no, it's not dairy foods , * There are only two food groups and combining them is the key to good health , * You can eat any food you want and still lose weight if you eat it in the right combinations , * Fruit can help you lose and keep weight off forever when it is eaten at the right times , * Why diets fail. Why FIT FOR LIFE works.