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Created to convey the unique sense of freedom, Adidas Ice Dive is a masculine and ozonic aftershave that captures the uplifting sensations of extreme sports like surfing, snowboarding or rollerblading. This energizing and vibrant scent opens with refreshing notes of mint leaves combined with the elegant lavender and sparkling bergamot. Enriched with the aromatic geranium along with the woody sandalwood and patchouli, this fragrance ends with warm notes of musk contrasted with intense ambergris and woods. All together they create an invigorating scent full of drive, force and energy reminding of the powerful and forceful ocean or snow-covered slopes. Adidas Ice Dive aftershave is ideal for men who live their life in the fast lane, who have a daring, adventurous spirit. The aftershave also adds a thrill of excitement to the day of every man who wants to explore new territories and share intense emotions.