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The day I became a hurricane is a CHILDREN'S PICTURE EDUCATIONAL BOOK on HURRICANES! Come delve into the world of a Wind nicknamed Depression because he was not very strong. He was also very sad about who he was. He was mocked by his friends, including his stronger brother STORM because he was weaker and always sad. He wanted to be as strong as his father whose name was Hurricane and his mother who was called TYPHOON because she loves to visit the Pacific. With the help of his father, he learned how to become a HURRICANE. What did he do after he became a hurricane? Was he now happy? The aim of this book is to educate children on the development of a hurricane and its impacts. It also introduces them to hurricane preparedness. Additionally, there is an underlying story about self-acceptance and self-identity just for your kids.

This book is especially useful for children in grades 1 to 5 but can be used by all ages who wish to learn a little more about hurricanes.