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Authors: DAS, BRAJA
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ISBN: 053438742X
Author: Das, braja
Publisher: International thomson publ.

Braja M. Das' PRINCIPLES OF GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING provides civil engineering students and professionals with an overview of soil properties and mechanics, combined with a study of field practices and basic soil engineering procedures. Through four editions, this book has distinguished itself by its exceptionally clear theoretical explanations, realistic worked examples, thorough discussions of field testing methods, and extensive problem sets, making this book a leader in its field. Das's goal in revising this best-seller has been to reorganize and revise existing chapters while incorporating the most up-to-date information found in the current literature. Additionally, Das has added numerous case studies as well as new introductory material on the geological side of geotechnical engineering, including coverage of soil formation. This is a text for civil engineering majors in introductory courses in soils and geotechnical engineering. It overviews soil properties and mechanics and covers field practice and basic engineering procedures. Coverage includes the origin of soil and grain size, weight-volume relationships and structure of soil, soil compaction and permeability, shear strength, lateral earth pressure, slope stability, and soil-bearing capacity for shallow foundations. This fifth edition uses SI units as the principal units, with English units in parenthesis when required, and example and homework problems in SI and English units. There is a new chapter offering a historical perspective of the field. Much material has been reorganized.