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ISBN: 0134918207
Authors: CONDIE, K.
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ISBN: 0134918207
Author: Condie, k.
Publisher: Pearson education

In this book, plate tectonics is placed at a central position and the history of Earth is considered not only from the more conventional surface approach, but also of Earth as a whole and as a member of the Solar System. Many subjects that we consider an essential part of Earth history and that are often omitted or only covered in a superficial manner in beginning historical geology texts are included to give the student a more in-depth and accurate picture of the complexities of the history of Earth and of life. Among these are the origin and evolution of the crust, mantle, and core as well as the atmosphere and oceans; comparative planetary evolution; a survey of important isotopic dating methods; the study of ancient climates; the origin and evolution of life; and the early history of Earth. New and exciting developments are introduced at appropriate places in the text. Examples are the nature of Earth's oldest rocks, the origin of continents, extraterrestrial impact and mass extinctions of organisms, rates of organic evolution, and recent developments on the origin of humans. An undergraduate textbook in historical geology. Takes a holistic view, considering our home planet's place in the solar system and grounding its study of Earth in plate tectonics and geologic time spans. Over half the book is devoted to exploring the eras and periods from the precambrian to the quaternary cenozoic in depth. Contains many explanatory figures, diagrams and maps, and several valuable appendices including one on taxonomy and another that contains photographs of fossils.