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ISBN: 084769898X
Author: Brunn, stanley
Publisher: Rowman & littlefield

The only text to offer a regional survey of world urban development, this third edition has been fully revised and updated to include new chapter authors, new cities and regions, and an expanded art program. Focusing on the eleven major culture realms of the world, the volume examines each region's urban history, economy, and culture and society, and offers engaging case studies of major representative cities. Introductory and concluding chapters frame the regional discussion by summarizing world urban history and by looking to the future of urban development. Maps, graphs, tables, photos, color satellite images, recommended readings, web sites, and UN data on major cities offer rich additional resources for students. Outstanding! This thoroughly updated classic offers a comprehensive portrayal of the character and complexity of the world's cities. Contemporary trends and issues that continue to reshape all corners of the globe unfold here in a thoroughly accessible manner. Whether one considers environmental issues, growth trends, tourism appeal, or historical context, Cities of the World delivers for the reader. Appropriate as both a textbook and reference tool, urbanists in all fields will gain from the insights that geographers present here. Students of the humanities, social sciences, and business disciplines will equally benefit.