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ISBN: 0130655953
Authors: LARSON, RON
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ISBN: 0130655953
Author: Larson, ron
Publisher: Pearson education

This introduction to statistics shows readers how to use statistics to make informed decisions. Its clear presentation, applied flavor, emphasis on graphical interpretation throughout, and flexible use of technology make this an excellent reference. Descriptive Statistics. Probability. Confidence Intervals. Hypothesis Testing. Correlation and Regression. Chi-Square Tests. Non-Parametric Tests. For anyone needing a hands-on, applied introduction to statistics, with or without the use of technology products. This one-semester textbook introduces the concepts behind discrete probability distributions, normal probability distributions, confidence intervals, hypothesis testing, regression lines, chi-square tests, f-distribution, and nonparametric tests. The second edition adds sections on real-life applications and common abuses of statistics.