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Authors: GRIGG, D.
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Author: Grigg, d.
Publisher: Cambridge university press

This book is about the present characteristics and distribution of the major agricultural systems of the world - shifting cultivation, wet rice cultivation, pastoral nomadism, Mediterranean agriculture, mixed farming, dairying, plantations, ranching and large-scale grain production. In Part One some major periods and processes which have affected modern agriculture are discussed. Chapter 2 deals with the origins and early diffusion of agriculture and its significance for the present. Chapter 3 deals with the subsequent diffusion of crops and livestock, particularly since the discovery of the New World, and Chapter 4 with the effect upon agriculture of industrialisation and urbanisation since 1850. In Part Two of the book some description of each type of agriculture is given. But it is the author's belief that there can be no adequate account of the present character of world agriculture without recourse to the evolution of agricultural systems. Thus each chapter in Part Two is an essay on the historical development of each of the major systems