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ISBN: 0415106737
Authors: DICKENSON, J.P.
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ISBN: 0415106737
Author: Dickenson, j.p.
Publisher: International thomson publ.

The Third World and its complexities arouse increasing curiosity and concern throughout the developed world. While the ambitions of colonialism have been increasingly spurned in favor of the goals of human rights, the Third World still finds itself facing an ever increasing income gap with the developed world. With an emphasis on gender and environmental issues, Geography of the Third World, Second Edition explores major issues such as population, farming systems, and rural development. Examining this ongoing development, the text also addresses energy issues, industrialization and the subsequent urbanization. The last segment of the book examines internal interaction including spatial structures and the movement of goods, national economic management, and finally external relationships created by the far-reaching influences of people, commodities, capital, and ideas derived from the Third World.