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GIS Fundamentals: A First Text on Geographic Information Systems Fourth Edition. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) are computerized tools for the entry, maintenance, and analysis of spatial data. GIS are critical for effective resource management, and have been applied across a wide range of science, business, and government endeavors. This book provides an introduction to the theory and application of GIS. It is written for use in an introductory GIS class and as a reference for the GIS practitioner. This fourth edition balances theoretical and applied material, so that students may apply knowledge of GIS in the solution of real-world problems. Improvements over the previous editions are included in each chapter. Topics treated include an introduction to GIS, spatial data models, map projections, data entry, image data, GPS, digital data, database systems in GIS, general spatial analysis, raster analysis, terrain modeling, metadate, standards, and accuracy assessments. Paul Bolstad is a Professor at the University of Minnesota. He has 26 years of experience teaching, using, and researching GIS for industry, education, and government.