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Today, leadership skills are vital in every field and, consequently, are in much demand. Successful leaders must have a clear vision of what they want to achieve. They must also be able to persuade everyone on their team to join with them in achieving their goals. From there on, it is necessary to continue working very hard to keep the team united and totally task focused until the goals are achieved.An excellent analogy is to liken the leader to a bus driver who knows the desired destination. The two vital tasks, then, are to persuade everyone, whose assistance is needed to get there, to board the bus, and, having done so, ensure they all stay on board, until the destination is reached.This book explains what leadership is, which leadership style is your predominant one, what you need to do to get your people on your bus and, finally, how to keep them there until your goals are achieved.In summary, you will learn how to be a truly effective and successful leader.