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ISBN: 9789768167910
Authors: BROWN, FARA
Publishers: IAN RANDLE
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The twenty-first century has ushered in a redefinition of the family and necessitated a reassessment of traditional and conventional models of spousal and parental relationships. In Family Law in Jamaica, Fara Brown delves into the contemporary state of family arrangements and sets the law and its application in the historical and cultural reality of Jamaican society.

Examining the legislation and the most contemporary litigation, the gamut of family issues –from marriage and divorce, maintenance, custody, guardianship and adoption of children to paternity – are covered. Using realistic and practical everyday family situations, the practice and procedure of Jamaican family law is presented in an easy to understand and accessible way for both the ordinary reader as well as the student, practitioner and judge.

The book’s clear organization into distinct topics is further enhanced by questions for discussion as well as case citations and notes with references to additional material.

Family law is dynamic and recent developments associated with surrogacy, the use of assisted reproductive technology, DNA testing, human trafficking and identity fraud are also featured. While significant progress has been made in the development of family law since Jamaica’s independence, the conflicting and anomalous areas of the law are also discussed while pointing to the way forward.