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Globalisation, Diaspora and Caribbean Popular Culture chronicles the emergence and metamorphosis across centuries, of a variety of Caribbean expressions, and documents the restructuring of social relations through expressive forms. The contributing authors use a wide variety of methodological approaches to give expression to the extraordinary contribution of the Caribbean to contemporary global culture. In the process they examine the relationship between the growth of the Caribbean diaspora and the globalisation of popular cultural forms from the region, arguing that the Caribbean has not been merely an importer but a producer and an exporter of popular culture. This volume breaks new ground in analyzing the relationship between Caribbean popular culture and the world culture industry as well as the economics of the entertainment industry. As a book that is both theoretical and ethnographic, it will be appropriate for use at both the undergraduate and graduate levels in a wide range of fields including Cultural Studies; Tourism and Film Studies; Migration Studies; Race and Ethnic Studies; Sociology and Anthropology.