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This passionate, impeccably researched essay advocates a radical alternative to the punishment reflex of the criminal justice system -- a "needs-based" model of restorative justice. Instead of defining justice in relation to peoples' "rights" or "deserts," the needs-based model strives to respond to the NEEDS of all participants. Beyond the legal system, the authors would apply this distinctive restorative justice model to conflict resolution in families, schools, workplaces, neighborhoods and other institutions.

The second edition of this well received book (which is more than 50% longer) features a comprehensive survey of the international restorative justice literature and a wealth of real-world applications of needs-based restorative justice. The well-documented case studies range worldwide and include: family/community conferences; sentencing circles; victim-offender mediation programs; an "inclusion" elementary school; post-civil conflict "truth commissions" in two dozen nations; and indigenous reconciliation courts in Rwanda; among many others.