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ISBN: 9780761973072
Authors: BARRY, A. & YUILL, C.
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A comprehensive and accessible introduction to the sociology of health and illness, written for students on a wide range of courses. This book clearly explains what sociology is and how it contributes to our understanding of health.

Beginning with an overview of the discipline, the authors set out the different theoretical perspectives offered by sociology. They describe how, for centuries, our understanding of health and illness has been dominated by the medical model and a focus on disease processes. In contrast, they show how sociology provides a broader understanding of health and inequalities in the health of populations by taking account of factors such as age, social class, gender and environment.

The book goes on to explore the social context of health care, the role of different professions (particularly the professions allied to medicine) and the organizational constraints on those involved in health care delivery.

This textbook is designed for students studying sociology as part of a wide range of courses. To help them get the most from the book, signposts are provided throughout that show where related topics appear elsewhere in the text. Other useful features include discussion points, definitions of key terms, and suggestions for further reading.