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Jamaica's capital city, Kingston, has been plagued by poverty and violence for years. The rapidly deteriorating situation on the streets of Kingston's inner-cities is a crisis spawned by the entrenched political economy of violence, power and gender. This case study focuses on Southside, an inner-city community of Central Kingston, Jamaica, and analyses this island state's political economy through a variety of sophisticated methodological and cultural approaches, including literary sources, oral interviews, ethnographic studies and multimedia communication techniques. The diversity of tools enables the author to show that the crisis of inner-city violence in Jamaica is an outcome of the peculiar style of bourgeois democracy practiced in this post-plantation society and reflects the gender, race, colour and class contradictions that are inherent to the wider society. The author examines the current discourse of violence in Southside in order to show that gender and identity dramas are enacted in the existing political and masculinist mechanisms of deploying power.

Sexual politics have taken on a new meaning and practice for those disadvantaged and socially excluded citizens who are forced to survive below the poverty line. Tafari-Ama persuasively argues that sustainable social change in this environment is only possible by utilizing multimedia cultural communication techniques to promote collective community action, combined with the redistribution of economic power by the technocrats in control of the administration of the state and its apparatuses.