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Updated to reflect the new features of Stata 11, A Gentle Introduction to Stata, Third Edition continues to help new Stata users become proficient in Stata. After reading this introductory text, you will be able to enter, build, and manage a data set as well as perform fundamental statistical analyses.

New to the Third Edition

* A new chapter on the analysis of missing data and the use of multiple-imputation methods
* Extensive revision of the chapter on ANOVA
* Additional material on the application of power analysis

The book covers data management; good work habits, including the use of basic do-files; basic exploratory statistics, including graphical displays; and analyses using the standard array of basic statistical tools, such as correlation, linear and logistic regression, and parametric and nonparametric tests of location and dispersion. Rather than splitting these topics by their Stata implementation, the material on graphics and postestimation are woven into the text in a natural fashion. The author teaches Stata commands by using the menus and dialog boxes while still stressing the value of do-files. Each chapter includes exercises and real data sets are used throughout.