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ISBN: 9780205287413
Authors: COURNOYER, D.
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This new social work research methods book is written by two authors who have team-taught the research methods course at the University of Connecticut for a number of years. This team approach has enabled them to present research methods in an interesting and lively manner, which has now been extended to their book. In addition, the authors believe that the division between quantitative and qualitative research is not a valid one. In their book, they provide a true integration of quantitative and qualitative approaches; there are no separate chapters on each approach, but rather each phase or activity of the research process is illustrated by both qualitative and quantitative approaches. The benefits and limitations of each approach are described, and students learn to make reasoned decisions in selecting a particular approach to a particular problem. This method helps students to understand that research is a vital part of social work practice, and helps them to make the direct connection between research knowledge and working with people. The authors have also carefully incorporated pedagogy into the book to help the reader learn and retain key concepts, including chapter introductions, learning objectives, chapter summaries, charts and graphs, lists of key terms, and an end-of-text Glossary. For anyone who does research in the area of social work.