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ISBN: 9780415125161
Authors: COWEN, M.
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ISBN: 9780415125161
Author: Cowen, m.
Publisher: Routledge chapman & hall

Doctrines of Development examines the history of the idea of development and of the doctrines which governments have used to practice development policy. Beginning with the 19th century "invention" of modern development, the authors discuss Marx's early critique of development doctrine and the creation of the idea of underdevelopment.

Extended 20th century case histories from Australia, Canada and Kenya explain why and how development doctrine accompanied the early growth of capitalism. Shorter case studies of India, Latin America and Austria are used to examine how development theory has been part of the history of development doctrine. The authors pursue the analysis to critique the contemporary and increasingly pervasive theories of "alternative" development.

Doctrines of Development argues that trusteeship, the intent of one to act on the behalf of another, is the prime force behind all development doctrine and claims that despite a "new orthodoxy," little has changed since the original doctrine of development of early industrial capitalism.