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The title Children in the Line of Fire emerged from a series of annual lectures given by the author entitled Violence and the Jamaican Child prepared for an undergraduate course on Caribbean Social Problems at the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, between 2002 and 2005. The title underlines the fact that children in Jamaica are not just caught up in the literal cross hairs of guns and other forms of violence, but are figuratively in the line of fire from all of the major systems that make up the fabric of the society, namely from the macro (societal) perspective, the mezzo (community) perspective, as well as the micro (individual and family) perspective. The book argues that children, who are often described as soft targets in the ongoing crossfire involving various warring factions and systems, are some of the most serious casualties of the ongoing violence, and opines that, as a developing country aspiring to move into the twenty-first century, the entire Jamaican society and, by extension, Caribbean society, must be made to understand its role (in the short-term) in the protection of our children. At the same time, it suggests that in the medium and long term there must be a concerted and committed effort to understand the nature of the violence against children in all its dimensions so that its effects on children can be reduced and eventually eliminated in order to protect and safeguard our society s future. (For the case studies mentioned in the book, all names have been changed to protect the individuals, and place names are referred to as regions only.) This book sets out in a detailed and systematic yet non-sensational manner the effects of violence and trauma in all its forms on children, adolescents and their families. It also sets out a blueprint for what the different sectors of the society must do in order to stem the scourge of violence sweeping across the islands of the Caribbean, consuming the most vulnerable sectors of our societies and the region s future, our children.