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Liebert and Spiegler retain their time-tested approach to personality: namely, four broad strategies - psychoanalytic, dispositional, phenomenological, and behavioural - that involve the four basic issues of theory, assessment, research, and change. The presentation of each strategy reflects the unique style of psychologists who work within it. The student is first introduced to the strengths of the strategy, and then to its liabilities. The text has been thoroughly revised to reflect the current status of personality psychology and to make it more relevant, interesting, and understandable to students. Topics covered in the previous edition have been updated. Recent developments added include: object relations; post-Freudian therapy, feminist psychoanalysis; the latest information on Type A; Rogers' person-centered approach and advances in Rogerian therapy; extensions of personal construct theory; Rotter's social learning theory; locus of control; and recent cognitive-behavioural theorizing and research. The pedagogical improvements include: A simplified readable text; point-by-point summaries; a comprehensive glossary; new diagrams, tables, and dramatic photographs that present concepts visually to supplement the written text. Liebert and Spiegler's innovative demonstrations, which give students first hand experience with personality issues, were revised based on student feedback and new demonstrations were added. Personality Strategy and Issues is ideal for undergraduate courses in Personality and Theories of Personality. A new, expanded Instructor's Manual is available.
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