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Without the body there would be no feminist theory. And it's possible to say that without feminist theory there would be no modern "body." The body has long been a contested site in feminist circles. From debates about motherhood, pregnancy, and abortion, discussions of pleasure and sex, to more philosophical discussions of embodiment and the gendering of bodies, the major thinkers of feminist theory have reshaped our ideas of how women and men understand what the body is. In Feminist Theory and the Body Price and Shildrick bring together over 40 of the world's greatest feminist writers to represent the key arguments from all of the different feminist schools of thought on the body. The book's seven sections cover Woman as Body?, Sexy Bodies, Bodies in Science and Biomedicine, After the Binary, Altered Bodies, BodySpaceMatter and Performing the Body. It includes articles on race, cyberspace, theatre, classics, transsexuality, reproductive technologies, illness, rape, plastic surgery, disabilities and much, much more.