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ISBN: 9789766374075
Authors: HOPE, DONNA
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Finally, a book-length work from a Jamaican academic with international credentials in the field of cultural studies willing and brave enough to view dancehall music culture as an area worth serious, in depth, ethnographic study. Man Vibes: Masculinities in Jamaican Dancehall examines Jamaican masculinity through the lenses of the popular and highly controversial dancehall music and culture. Breaking new ground, this book joins the growing movement seeking to shift the Caribbean gender studies discourse from its highly feminized viewpoint to a balanced discourse which seeks to include men. Hope has compiled contemporary readings on Jamaican masculinity as they are represented in dancehall culture. The analyses and conclusions in this book speak not only to dancehall music and culture s masculine typologies, but to Jamaican and Black masculinities in general. A must-have for students and lecturers in the areas of popular music, gender, Caribbean and cultural studies. The general reader will find it a handy tool in understanding public debate also perhaps in shaping their own.