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Unlock the secrets of sustainable Caribbean tourism in Sun Lust to Sun Plus: Niche Tourism in the Caribbean, a comprehensive overview of niche tourism development strategies that are restructuring the paradisiacal destinations of the Caribbean. Discover how the small island developing states (SIDS) of the Caribbean are redefining their approach to tourism, moving from traditional mass tourism, the “Sun Lust” of the past, to a more sustainable and diverse model, the “Sun Plus” of the present and future.

Through an exploration of existing and potential tourism niches in the region, Accola Lewis-Cameron and Leslie-Ann Jordan-Miller lead an impressive group of scholars who, through case studies and analyses of various niche tourism products, highlight the unique opportunities and challenges facing SIDS in the Caribbean and provide recommendations for creating a more resilient and sustainable industry.

While each chapter in this edited volume offers a unique perspective, they collectively provide a complete understanding of niche tourism’s role in bolstering and sustaining a vibrant and dynamic Caribbean tourism offer. Explore the concept of music tourism in Trinidad and the role of slow food in culinary tourism in the Caribbean. Dive into the challenges and opportunities of cruise tourism in Cozumel and the promise of medical tourism in the Cayman Islands. Uncover the potential of sustainable ecotourism in Dominica as a post-COVID-19 recovery strategy, and uncover the potential of educational tourism in Grenada as a socio-economic force.