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"Beyond the common lure of beckoning beaches and sun-filled lazy days, the Caribbean region offers so much more to the discerning traveller. Conventional mass tourism will continue to be a significant contributor to economic growth, but special interest tourism covering Community and Ecotourism; Agro-tourism; Heritage and Cultural tourism and Events and Sports tourism, is increasing in its potential market share, significance and contribution to Caribbean economies. Caribbean Tourism: More than Sun, Sand and Sea draws together the research findings and experiences of academics, tourism and hospitality directors and private sector players in the airline, travel and hotel industries and raises the issue, among others, of the need for a community-based approach to tourism coupled with policies that promote the development and diversification of the Caribbean tourism product on a sustainable basis. From sugar plantation ruins, to reggae and entertainment festivals, and sporting matches, the authors advocate a move to develop those aspects of the Caribbean that make the region unique in its appeal to visitors while at the same time, mindful of the constant struggle over scarce resources and economic gains. "