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We all write: emails, letters, articles, proposals, reports, press releases, essays and examinations. But for Caribbean English-speakers, writing proper English is often a challenge since we are in fact Creole-speakers. In The Knots in English, Merle Hodge capitalises on her 25 years of teaching experience to break down the differences between English grammar and Creole grammar and provide users with a key tool in improving language proficiency. It uses straightforward examples to demystify the English language for the student, teacher, professional and everyday user alike. From The Knots in English Knots is divided into 8 sections and is laid out in an easy to follow format, complete with answers. One of its best features is that users may consult individual sections for clarification on particular points or work through each section from beginning to end. Since its initial publication in 1997, The Knots in English has established itself as the go-to guide for teaching and learning English in the Caribbean and is intended primarily as an English language teaching support. The Knots in English will prove valuable to all Caribbean English-speakers.