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ISBN: 9780367421106
Authors: HOLMS, J.
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Sociolinguistics is the study of the interaction between language and society. In this classic introductory work, Janet Holmes and Nick Wilson examine the role of language in a variety of social contexts, considering both how language works and how it can be used to signal and interpret various aspects of social identity. Divided into three parts, this book explains basic sociolinguistic concepts in the light of classic approaches, as well as introducing more recent research.

• This sixth edition has been revised and updated throughout, using key concepts and examples to guide the reader through this fascinating area, including:

• New material on gender, social media and online use of language, codeswitching, and language policy

• An updated companion website that is fully cross- referenced within this book and features video and audio materials and links to useful websites,

• Revised examples and exercises that include new material from Asia and South America