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The book offers description and assessment of the Jamaican language situation. It is aimed at providing basic information for interested laypersons as well as students of language and also at counteracting traditional social and linguistic prejudices, which are seen as affecting the usual assessments of the situation. Proficiency in English is essential for Jamaicans in view of its important role both within the island and internationally, but mastery of Standard English often falls short of the ideal. Some reasons for this failure are explored in the book. Its simple style is designed to enhance its appeal to the average reader. Topics specifically discussed include the functions of English and Creole(Patois) in the society and attitudes to these varieties, the origins,development and present state of English in Jamaica, the role of language in education and various proposals for taking Creole into account in classroom teaching. Although the main focus is on the Jamaican situation, this is also set within the framework of English worldwide and of developments outside Jamaica involving the use of Creole.