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Firmly established as an authority in Communication studies, Writing in English has been widely used across the Caribbean to teach writing at the upper secondary school level and as a focused text for English language courses at community colleges and universities. Building on the success of the first edition, this new edition addresses topics concerned with computer jargon as well as recent technological developments and how they affect language and communication today. It also includes a new section on Argument. The first two sections provide background information on language and its specific varieties in the Caribbean with which students should be familiar. Writing in English features an extensive section on the various modes of discourse as well as on the process of writing. In this edition we have included a complete section on argument. Throughout the text, we focus on strategies that build critical reading and writing abilities. The questions that are presented after each extract are intended to initiate discussion and facilitate group-work. Additionally, suggested tasks require you to work in pairs or small groups as a means of promoting the sharing of ideas while providing more opportunities for you to articulate your views orally. This book also emphasises peer and self-editing as a means of building awareness of text and promoting reflection on writing. The reference units will facilitate checks for grammar, spelling, mechanics, and for usage in different codes and registers. The grammar points show the difference between standard and Caribbean non-standard varieties, and we use examples from the writing of former students as a basis for discussing the grammar points. The exercises provide opportunities for additional practice for those who have specific difficulties.