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Beautiful beaches, rhythmical music and fun in the sun - there are the stereotypical images which have become associated with the Caribbean islands, partly through the medium of the Hollywood feature film. However, these images are mainly in the mind of the film-maker and there is a paucity of locally produced films which show the reality. The dominance of American films has made it increasingly difficult for the anglophone Caribbean to develop its own cinema industry. This study looks at the images of the anglophone Caribbean and its people portrayed both in non-Caribbean feature films shot on location in the region, and in films the anglophone Caribbean has produced on its own. It discusses in detail the work of film-makers in the region as well as that of outside film-makers who have used the islands as a backdrop to the movie action. In addition, the book also explores the relationship between moviegoers in the anglophone Caribbean and the films shown in their cinemas, and offers some suggestions for the development of an anglophone Caribbean film industry.