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ISBN: 0415060958
Authors: PRATT, MARY
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This second edition of a highly acclaimed and interdisciplinary book which quickly established itself as a seminal text in its field investigates the way in which travel writing has constructed an image of the world beyond Europe for European readerships. Focusing on writing about South America and Africa in relation to the political and economic expansion of Europe, this long-awaited second edition of Imperial Eyes: is updated throughout, including a new preface, an updated introduction and a postscript reflecting critically on the category of the "postcolonial" and how it has changed since the first edition was published in 1992 contains new material, which reads well-known Latin American texts through the concept of neocoloniality and continues to discuss more general questions of the postcolonial in relation to the Americas and new ways of expressing late twentieth-century experiences of migration and displacement contains new illustrations of relevant documents and artefacts discussed within the text.