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ISBN: 9789766373528
Authors: BRYAN, B.
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Between Two Grammars: Research and Practice for Language Learning and Teaching in a Creole-speaking Environment builds on earlier works in the field of language learning and teaching and brings new ideas about language teaching in a Creole-speaking environment. Using Jamaica as the example, the history of education is examined with a view to explaining some of the current attitudes to schooling and the objections to accepting Jamaican Creole (Patois/Patwa) as a necessary part of the consciousness of the classroom teacher. Readers are encouraged to embrace creative methodologies by making use of whatever resources might be available to a specific classroom and class. Particularly useful is the broadening of the meaning of text beyond expository readings, and literature to a variety of material not usually accepted in conservative classrooms. Constructed with an understanding of the unique requirements for language teaching in the Caribbean, whilst integrating theory and practice, Dr Bryan s recommendations in Between Two Grammars are the result of years of research within the fields of sociolinguistics, language education, Caribbean history and teacher education. Educators, whether in training or in practice; and education policymakers will find Between Two Grammars not only an enriching presentation of the nature of language debates in the Caribbean but also an empowering tool for improved language teaching practice.