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Climate change is a controversial topic; some people assert that climate change is not occurring, and others believe that reports are inaccurate, that whilst climate change is happening, it may not be caused by human activity. There are also climate alarmists who use IPCC reports to support their claims that erratic weather patterns are a result of climate change caused by human activity. Regardless of these different viewpoints, one fact can be agreed upon; climate change is a complex subject and there is a need to educate future generations, enabling them to deal with the plethora of information and views that they will experience in their lives. This book explores what education for climate change entails, discussing the concept of Climate Change Education (CCE) itself, how it can be taught in schools and how public education can be carried out. It instructs what specific subject matter to teach for CCE, and how to evaluate the student learning on the subject. Chapters include: CCE in the Formal Curriculum Teacher readiness for CCE Assessment for and of CCE Lessons from CCE for Public Education