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Publishers: MS. ESTHER TYSON
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In A Suh Me See It, Ah Suh Me Say It (Jamaican Creole for “I Say It the Way I See It) Esther communicates professionalism and expertise while still maintaining warmth and passion in writing tone. Professional readers such as educators, historians, and sociologists, along with students interested in studying these trends in the Jamaican context, will find a trustworthy resource in the present manuscript. While the articles are written to a high standard of professional writing, each is accessible for students and lay readers. The variety of topics contained in this manuscript is vast and multifaceted, yet each drills down to the core of complex issues succinctly and eloquently. Readers are treated to advanced discussions on issues of violence in schools, politics at the local and national level, family dynamics and same-sex marriage, abortion, and suffering educational standards.