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Leadership for Success is intended for a wide cross-section of educators, policymakers, educational planners, parents and the general readers who would like to learn how high-performing principals run schools effectively. The inspiring stories from seventeen seasoned professionals along with the supporting pieces by the editors will resonate with current principals, and educators across the spectrum will appreciate the experiences shared in this volume. This collection is an ideal resource for the aspiring principal as it provides the framework for making the transition to a leadership role by offering a connection between theory and practice. Senior teachers, who are increasingly being asked to take on responsibilities that have traditionally been the domain of the principals, will also benefit from the excellent information and valuable life experiences herein. The contributors offer vital lessons on the kinds of working relationships that are required among parents, school boards, communities, students, middle managers and the principals to make a difference in school performance. The contributors to Leadership for Success demonstrate beyond any doubt that it is the quality of leadership that makes a difference in students' outcomes, no matter the nature of the issues facing the principal. Educators in similar situations may blame their school's underperformance and poor outcomes on the lack of resources and support from the central ministry but the stories shared here demonstrate that much can be done despite limited resources.