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Model: ED0155
ISBN: 9789768125354
Authors: JONES , SONIA
Publishers: THE PRESS -UWI
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ISBN: 9789768125354
Author: Jones , sonia
Publisher: The press -uwi
Increased public awareness of the importance of education to national development has brought the work of the school and other educational institutions into sharp focus. The job of the educational manager/administrator in creating the climate for effectiveness and efficiency in the management of educational institutions must be seen as one of the most critical elements in the equation, if not the most. The factors that define the role of educational managers/administrators must be constantly studied. Despite the complexities involved, an understanding of the internal and external factors impinging on each institution will go a far way in dealing with issues and problems when they arise. This resource is designed as a practical approach to integrating theory and practice. It is a tool to be used in diagnosing and treating situations that have the potential to derail the objective of providing society with an educational product that will contribute much to societal and individual development. School managers/administrators will find a number of situations depicted in the cases similar to their own experiences or dissimilar to the extent that no two situations are the same. What is relevant here is that the dynamic milieu in which educational management takes place throws up continuous challenges that must be faced and handled with professional expertise. Such expertise is born out of a knowledge base that is rich in practical experiences, theory and research.