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ISBN: 033379401x
Author: Bully, alwin
Publisher: Macmillan distribution ltd.

The gayelle is an arena, an area of challenge and contest. In the West Indies the gayelle is best known as the stage for stick fighting, or the pit for illegal cock fighting. But it can also be used as an arena theatre space. Champions of the Gayelle is the first of the Gayelle collections of plays in the Macmillan Caribbean Writers' Series. These collections feature popular Caribbean plays with outstanding track records in regional Arts and Drama Festivals, together with less widely known and newer plays that have the potential to become tried and tested favourites. This first collection includes: Alwin Bully's much-loved Dominican comedy, Good Morning, Miss Millie; the perennially successful Duelling Voices by Zeno Constance of Trinidad and the record-breaking drama The Rapist by Jamaica's Pat Cumper. The three plays in this first Gayelle collection are all community-oriented champions of the larger gayelle of West Indian theatre. In spite of their successful track record, only Good Morning, Miss Millie has been previously published. Macmillan is delighted that Champions of the Gayelle not only revives Alwin Bully's evergreen comedy, it places on record one of Zeno Constance's finest plays and introduces the work of the talented Pat Cumper making these memorable West Indian dramas available to a wider audience.