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BUSH DOCTOR... Jamaica and the Caribbean's Almost Forgotten Folklore and Remedies. Did you know... . That sour oranges, if left on the tree, will change from ripe to green and back to ripe again? . That 'love bush' is good for Gripe? . That burning dried orange peel will keep mosquitoes away? This book captures the folklore and almost forgotten ways of Jamaica and the Caribbean in four sections augmented by black and white photographs of utensils and plants. . Medecinal use of Plants . Beliefs and Myths . Diet and Folklore . Folk Ways and Means A MUST READ BOOK FOR ALL AGES! The author, Sylvester Ayre, hails from the hills of St. Cathrine and the first free slave village of Sligoville. He has spent many years accumulating a small folk museum to accompany his recording of a Jamaica of yesteryear.