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ISBN: 0901241881
Author: Goodison
Publisher: New beacon books ltd.

HEARTEASE is Lorna Goodison's third book of poetry. It continues and deepens her striving towards an organic perception, an intensity of vision drawing on a fountain of striking poetic imagery. The poems enact an essential engagement with the authentic, the boundary life of woman. "Lorna Goodlson is undoubtedly one of the most significant, If not the most challenging voice to appear in poetic writing over the past four or so years in the Caribbean. And I put her squarely beside the great reggae artistes and calypsonlans who admittedly have in their grasp the mood of the times, the urgency of the anguish of our social and political condition and the hope-In-despair dialectics of contemporary life." Rex Nettleford ABOUT THE AUTHOR LORNA GOOOISON is a major Jamaican poet. Her first book of poems Tamarind Season (Institute of Jamaica, 1980) was greeted with critical acclaim as was her first public appearance in London in 1985 for the International Poetry Festival in memory of Michael Smith and for the Fourth International Book Fair of Radical Black and Third World Books. Her second book of poetry I Am Becoming My Mother (New Beacon Books, 1986) confirmed her growing reputation and won the Americas Section of the British Airways Commonwealth Poetry Prize in 1986.