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ISBN: 9789768184221
Publishers: L.M.H. PUBLISHING
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ISBN: 9768184221338
Author: Brailsford, david
Publisher: L.m.h. publishing

This delightful book is written by the Englishman, married to a Jamaican woman who exposed him to the stories of duppies and supernatural happenings in her hometown, Porus, Manchester and different parts of Jamaica . The range of stories encompasses tales from Porus and Redberry, and Old Harbour in St. Catherine, and recalls the aftermath of the Kendall Train crash ( Jamaica 's worst rail diaster). The book is a potpourri of authentic stories, some true, some ugly and sinister, some amusing.The book brings back all the childhood years of ghosts, gremlins and rolling calves, and brings to life the underbelly of a country devoutly religious, but yet open to the world of the 'bush doctor', replete with spirits and duppies.