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ISBN: 9789766101916
Publishers: L.M.H. PUBLISHING
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In this autobiographical account of the Reverend Hugh Sherlock, 'Father' to many. Yvonne Coke records and reflects on the life and times of Father Sherlock. Building on taped interviews and personal time spent with 'father' Sherlock, the author builds a portrait of one of Jamaica's leading sons, tracing his life from birth to death. The details of his life are painstakingly recorded in his own words, or the words of those whom he has influenced. For the first time the true story of how the country's National Anthem came to be written is recorded by the man who wrote the words. This inspiring story of a Methodist Minister, his beliefs and faith in God and his contribution to his country and Methodism, is a not to be missed story, full of pathos and simple faith, expressed through his personal life, the hymns he wrote, and his life long commitment to the underprivileged families of Boys' Town located in west Kingston. A story not without the common touch of a man whose fortitude and examples, will live on in the history of his beloved Jamaica. A truly worthwhile historical portrait of a true Jamaican man and his family.